REDmoney Group forms strategic partnership with Carrera Learning

Global Islamic finance expert REDmoney Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Islamic Finance Navigator Ltd and its platform Carrera Learning, a renowned learning provider in Islamic finance based in the UK. Commencing today, the partnership will see REDmoney Group and its flagship brand – Islamic Finance news (IFN) – collaboratively promote and market the highly engaging and innovative Islamic finance digital programs of Carrera Learning.

The collaboration strategically bolsters REDmoney Group’s comprehensive range of services to its international clientele through its portfolio of media, events, publishing and training businesses. Carrera Learning on the other hand will benefit from the international network reach of REDmoney Group built over 16 years.

Andrew Morgan, Managing Director, REDmoney Group and Publisher of IFN, said: “We are thrilled to work with Carrera Learning as one of the most accomplished learning providers in Islamic finance and a compatible partner for our services. This timely partnership marks our next stage of our global growth – scaling our impact in value-added services for our clients in Islamic finance.”

The global appetite for Islamic finance has grown tremendously in the past decade and the demand for more sophisticated products and services in the sector has increased the need for qualified knowledge programs. However, according to Carrera Learning, there is a gap in the professional learning programs as most programs do not offer the recognition or the necessary accreditation.

Zaineb Sefiani, the founder of Carrera Learning, shared: “Our online platform Carrera Learning addresses this gap by offering the most intuitive e-learning courses and provides learners with the opportunity to get an accredited certification”.

She further added that: “A significant number of Islamic finance professionals are trying to service the industry by offering Islamic finance programs and most of these programs are not recognized by an academic institution or an accreditation agency. While they might contain relevant and practical content, because they have not been reviewed and approved by an accreditation agency, there is no guarantee the value of the training received.”

Carrera Learning’s main objective is to provide an innovative e-learning platform that will enable users and companies to build their Islamic finance capabilities and the partnership with REDmoney group will catalyze the outreach of the programs even further.

Andrew Tebbutt, Managing Director, REDmoney Group, commented: “Our partnership is of two reputable brands that are working together to align our focus on improving education and innovation on one platform. The content that is now offered by REDmoney Group and Carerra Learning will share and celebrate new ways of information sharing, educating and is a step ahead of industry requirements. We are pleased to do our part in developing and contributing holistically to the Islamic finance industry.”  LONDON and KUALA LUMPUR, 5 August 2020 –

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