Sharia Scholar

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1. What is a Sharia scholar?

A Sharia scholar is a Sharia specialist that works in the advisory board of an Islamic financial institution in order to apply Sharia to current financial investments. Sharia scholars issue and review Fatwas about Sharia-compliant products and services. 

2. What skills does a Sharia scholar need to have?

To sit in the Sharia advisory board of an institution, it is required to have a specialization in Islamic Sharia ( precisely in Fiqh Al-Muamalat), to have a high level of understanding of the current markets and to have very good experience and expertise in finance, in banks, in economy and in law. Sharia scholars need to be able to apply Sharia principles (especially Islamic rules on commercial transactions) to modern investments. 

3. How many boards can a scholar sit on?

One Sharia scholar is only allowed to sit on one board.

4. Links to profiles of some popular Sharia scholars:

Additional resource: Ask Your Scholar (March 2012):  What makes a Shariah scholar? [English].

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